Fermentables has been serving Arkansas since 1995 with quality products and a knowledgeable staff. We stock everything needed to ferment wine or beer and have a large selection of cheesemaking products, coffee roasting equipment / green beans, kombucha and vegetable fermentation supplies as well as a complete line of hydroponic and indoor gardening products including nutrients, growing media, grow lights, organic soils and fertilizers.

Our staff has over 40 years of combined experience fermenting beer and wine. We have been working with home cheesemaking since 2003 and actively involved with hydroponic gardening since 2004 when we became the first store in Arkansas to offer such products.

Our goal is to help people explore, understand and enjoy the satisfaction of producing quality products at home while having fun.

complete inventory of beer making products including ingredients, brewing equipment, fermenting supplies, keg systems, Co2 tank exchange, and first hand knowledge are available.

We offer wine making equipment, yeast, additives, wine ingredient kits and services like pH / acid testing, grape crusher / destemmer and grape press rental at our store.

Our gardening center encompasses a large inventory and displays the latest technology in hydroponic systems, LED grow lights, indoor green houses and organic methods.

If you want the best Arkansas has to offer stop by and visit or give us a call at
(501) 758 -6261.