Rye Sourdough Starter


Rye Sourdough Starter


  • Our New Zealand Rye Sourdough Starter is our fastest sourdough starter culture; it proofs in under 3 hours to produce amazingly delicious rye and rye/wheat baked goods, like Rye Sourdough Pseudo English Muffins, Rye Sourdough Crepes, and more!
    • Each box contains 1 packet of dehydrated New Zealand Rye Sourdough Starter Culture.
    • Store in a cool, dry place until ready to activate.
    • Activate using rye flour and unchlorinated, unfluoridated water (bottled spring water).
    • Sourdough starters culture at room temperature, 70º-85ºF.
    • Once activated, feed your starter using 1 part starter, 1 part water, and 1-2 parts flour daily for frequent use or weekly, if baking infrequently.
    • Instructions for using this starter are included and can be found here.
    • Having trouble activating your sourdough starter? Browse our Sourdough Troubleshooting Articles or contact us for assistance

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 5 in