Gourmet Home Dairy Kit


Gourmet Home Dairy Kit



This kit is for novice cheesemakers and success is guaranteed!! With it, you will be able to make 12 varieties of soft fresh cheeses and other dairy treats, such as Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Yogurt, Fromage Blanc, Creme Fraiche, Mascarpone, Lemon Cheese, Herb Cheeses, Buttermilk, Kefir, Panir, Queso Blanco.

Included in the recipe booklet are easy instructions for making these cheeses with the Yogotherm, as well as many great recipes for using these cheeses in cooking. (The Yogotherm in this kit is BPA-free.)

This kit will make up to 30 pounds of cheese PLUS 40 pounds of other dairy products!

CONTENTS: Yogotherm, Mini Budget Thermometer, 2yd Re-Usable Butter Muslin, Fromage Blanc DS, Ricki’s Sour Cream DS, Creamy Yogurt DS, Buttermilk DS, Kefir, Creme Fraiche DS, Herbs De Provence 2oz, Recipe Booklet

Allergen Note: the H1-Herbs de Provence and the C45-Kefir culture contained in this kit are processed on equipment that also processes peanuts and treenuts.

USAGE: Use to make many different soft cheeses and yogurt.

STORAGE: All cultures should be stored in the freezer and will keep up to two years if stored properly. Herbs de Provence can be kept tightly sealed in its package in a cool, dry, dark place.

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 8 in